P0119 - Crime Scene Virtualization

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Crime scene investigation

Forensic Department "Signal-Image-Speech"

Job title of the first author :

Deparment/unity chief - Forensic Department "Signal-Image-Speech", IRCGN


The national forensic institute of the french gendarmerie (IRCGN) has within its staff a group specialized in the freezing of a scene, whether it's a criminal or an accident one.
This group is armed with several equipments, which represent different sensors with their own capabilities and limits, enabling it to fulfill its missions. The generated data can be a 3D model, a cartography, etc...
The results transmission to the investigators or judges is a problem to take into account, because they don't often have the adapted means to exploit this data.

Aims :

The aim is to provide the investigators and magistrates data which are easily exploitable, without requiring special means, ie without software installation or powerful computers.

Material & methods :

One of the implemented solutions consists to take advantage of the 360° planar views generated with a laser scanner. Ultimately, if necessary, these virtual tours can be viewed in a low cost virtual reality mode, allowing applicants to position themselves in the modeled scene without having to really move to the scene.

Results :

Thus, magistrates and investigators can easily visualize a scene, simply using a web browser, with the capability to do distance measurements, etc. If necessary, the possibility is given to visualize the scene in a virtual reality mode, with a smartphone and a google cardboard

Keywords :

Crime Scene Visualization, Virtual Reality, Virtual Tour


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