CREOGN Research Note

WannaCry and the Diffusion of Zero Day Exploits

Publication of Research Note no.26

From contact to community policing

Publication of the Research Note no.24

Domestic Violence : Reflections on Police and Gendarmerie Frontline Interventions

Based on contributions from the Gendarmerie research workshop (ARG) organized on June 25, 2019, the present reflection on Gendarmerie and Police frontline...

Are Britain's MARACs an exportable model ?

In the frame of the European H2020 Project Improdova, this note contributes to the reflexion on the fight against domestic violence. It deals with the...

An american perspective on Amok attacks

Publication of the Research Note no 30


Septembre 2020

Revue N°166

Comprendre le monde numérique

Conférence du Directeur du CREOGN, le Gal d'armée (2S) Marc Watin-Augouard,...