Criminal investigation - Assignments

One of the prominent aspect of the gendarmerie (40% of its daily activities), criminal investigation deals with the breaches in the French criminal law, finding them, analyzing them, gathering evidence and looking fot the perpetrators.

Performed under the management and control of the judiciary judges, the criminal investigation concerns territorial units, specialized units (432), divisional intelligence gathering units (100), 3 central agencies (OCLDI, OCLAESP, OCLTI) and regional task forces.

The Gendarmerie criminal research and forensics institute (IRCGN) and the documentation and judiciary enquiries forensics service (STRJD) bring their professional knowledge on a domestic basis.

All these units, agencies and bodies are coordinated by the gendarmerie CID (SDPJ) at the national Headquarters. The SDPJ is also supported by the national CI training centre in FONTAINEBLEAU and the GIGN as well as criminalistics departments.

In 2007, the 63,000 divisional gendarmes (23,000 detectives/OPJ) experienced 1,000,727 crimes and offences on the French soil, more than ¼ of the reported crimes of France. 328,196 individuals were involved, of which 113,316 put in custody and 17,418 put to jail.

The operational aspects of the CI dealing with deliquency are managed by the Criminal cases section. Terrorism is dealt by the Antiterrorist section. In 2007, in this domain, 20 investigative cells were created.


OCLDI is dealing with strolling delinquants such as travellers.

OCLAESP is dealing with the environmental issues.

OCLTI is dealing with illegal work.

Sources : SIRPA gendarmerie

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